I’ll be graduating shortly from the rigorous, career-focused IDEA (Illustration and Graphic Design) program at Capilano University. Coming from a fine art background, I learnt how, from a business point of view, good design and illustration add value to a product, company or communications goal. I’m most excited when working on a project where I can make illustration and design meet through colour, pattern and hand-lettering.

Born where Ontario meets Québec, I grew up inspired by the curious; we had goats, and our front lawn was a wheat field. At age three, I climbed the Chief, and discovered that mushrooms could grow like orange lace. While making up my own languages, I dreamt of mysterious places like Ulaanbaatar or Reykjavik. Through my work, I can keep discovering and inventing. I love travelling, all things retro, working at my local animal shelter, folklore, flamenco, Scandinavian design, thrift stores, and collecting cacti.

I’m always open to new projects, collaborations, commissions or comments so feel free to drop me a line!

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reflections 2011 (calendar)


and now for a story, for story’s sake:

I was sleeping in the loft of an abandoned farmhouse in Romania. I awoke in the dead of night to the call of nature. As I descended the ladder in the pitch black, I heard the growls of vagabond stray dogs encircle me. They’d come in for a warm spot to sleep. I froze on that ladder, heart in throat, for what felt like hours; the dogs kept growling. Finally, I climbed down. Fumbling out the front door, the dogs paid me no mind. Coming back from the outhouse, in the grey-pink pre-dawn, the valley below sat like a teacup full of iridescent fog. A perfect cloud, with tendrils spilling over the brim.

That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

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